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Funny Wine Labels Do Work

Many try to dabble in comedy, and this is no different for designers of funny wine labels. If you have no clue which wine to choose, then picking a wine label that is funny or humorous may be a good choice – or not. The first thing we notice about the wine bottle is the label.  Why not make it funny to grab the consumers’ attention?

If the wine label has a funny picture on it, should it be taken seriously? Yes and no. That doesn’t necessarily have a right answer. Not all wines with funny labels will taste bad and not all will taste great. Many manufacturers may go with humorous labels to attract new and younger wine drinkers. Keep in mind a funny wine label will tickle a young person’s fancy and get them to buy a bottle. They possibly will create a series of funny wine labels with the same theme behind the idea.

Let’s pretend you are walking down the aisle in the liquor store, okay? You pass by some traditional or vintage wine labels and you see a wine bottle with a monkey on it.

Monkey wine label: it grabbed your attention, didn’t it?

If you’re not a serious wine drinker, might you be more interested in trying this Monkey Bay wine opposed to the more vintage wine?  The funny monkey on the wine bottle did grab your attention and made you think “I wonder what this tastes like?”.  From there, you may read the rest of the label and more about what the wine consists of.

To more experienced wine drinkers, the label isn’t important.  Obviously the taste trumps all no matter what the label looks like, but not everyone knows what a wine may taste like based on the year it was produced, the region, and the type of grape used.  In fact, most people haven’t a clue about these things.

The humor behind the funny wine label serves a purpose and isn’t done just because the wine label designers thought it was funny.  Wine label designers want to top each other just like any other form of advertising, e.g. commercials on television and billboard ads. Wine designers might poke fun at society or government, create a catchy name for the wine and write poetic descriptions for their funny wine labels.

Look at the detail covering this bottle of wine…

Comedy comes in all forms, in all languages, and for all ages. Comedy has become a force in the wine label industry for many years and there is no sign in stopping any time soon. Each wine maker wants to create their own design that will be associated with their wine. Taking pride in the wine label making process is necessary – especially for those relatively new wine makers trying to make a name for themselves. Old wineries may need a make over with their wine label design – what better way to create a renaissance then creating funny wine labels to attract new wine drinkers?

As you can see, there’s a wide range of funny wine labels available on the market today.  It all comes down to a matter of personal preference, style, and humor.  If you’re looking to create your own, be creative as the sky’s the limit.  As a marketer, you’ll attract more customers if you make them smile.  If it’s for a party or a gift, your recipients will love the added touch!  Let’s hope the wine tastes just as good as the humor sounds!