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Vintage Wine Labels and Their Visual Appeal

Vintage wine labels give off that “old time” feeling when you look at them. They take you back in time and gives you a sense of what that period was really all about. Vintage wine labels may tell a very short story on that little piece of paper.

A collection of vintage wine labels from various nations around the world

This classic style has remained the same for decades, and in some cases, even for centuries. They retain the same look and feel because people can identify the wine easily by the type of vintage label associated with the wine.

For example – we associate McDonald’s with the golden arches, and we immediately know what the Olympic rings look like. In the same vein, many wine drinkers are simply used to a certain look and feel when it comes to the design of their bottles.

One would typically believe that the vintage wine label has nothing to do with the year in which the wine was made, but this isn’t the case.  Newer wines are made every year with vintage labels to give the appearance that they’ve aged, and this is a very effective means of marketing for many producers around the world.

While these wine labels may look hundreds of years old, they’re only a couple of decades.

Since the vintage wine label may give off the appearance of something from the 19th century, it has a timeless quality that appeals to many buyers.

Vintage wine bottle labels make great art as well. If one was so inclined, framing vintage labels and hanging them on the wall would make a great show piece for any home, as seen in this assortment of framed wine labels below:

Wine labels used as wall decorations

Simplicity is an underlying trait that you’ll find in all classic style wine tags.  As a result, what vintage wine labels may not include are recent awards the wine has won, as this is done for more contemporary style wine labels.  This is one trade-off that one should consider when deciding what kind of label style to go with.

We like seeing new and innovative designs that leave us wondering what they  might come up with next.  On the other hand, vintage wine labels will never go out of style at any time, not ever. People love being nostalgic, looking back and seeing what was in style – and that can be said for vintage wine labels as well.

Today, there are ways to get your own name on a vintage wine label, which would make a great gift for anyone who loves to drink wine frequently.  Here’s one such example so that you can see how it might look.  This makes for a phenomenal gift that any wine enthusiast will love.

A personalized vintage style wine label used as a “save the date” wedding favor

You can create your own artwork or use a template the company supplies and give the happy couple a vintage wine label in their name that they can cherish forever.  One such program that we’d recommend using is Stoney Creek’s LabelMaker Wine Software, which makes it easy to create your own designs.